Heart pendant

190,00 - 320,00

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The heart is approximately 8 mm in size.

You can have your necklace made in 14 carat yellow gold, 14 carat white gold or rhodium-plated Sterling silver.

You can have the pendant filled with breast milk or cremation ashes, with or without a lock of hair.

If you check the breast milk option we will send you a package at home that will allow you to easily send about 10ml of breast milk to us.

Delivery time is about 4-8 weeks, depending on when we receive your milk.

When you order a piece of jewellery with cremation ashes, we will contact you.

Would you like to have a letter stamped on the back of your pendant? No problem, just indicate.

Please note that this is a pendant without a chain. 

Would you like a necklace to go with it? You can find those here: Chain