Ring small stones

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A fine ring with a round milk stone of 5mm (ROUND 1 from the design tool) and 4 birthstones. You can also choose to have one or more white crystals. The crystal can symbolise your relationship, or can later be replaced by the birthstone of your next child.

The birthstones can be indicated from left to right, so for example in the picture it is: birthstone 1: rose quartz, birthstone 2: crystal, birthstone 3: crystal, birthstone 4: rose quartz.

You can have the ring filled with breast milk or cremation ashes, with or without a lock of hair.

If you check the breast milk option we will send you a package at home that will allow you to easily send about 20ml of breast milk to us.

When you order the ring, you get a gauge with which you can take your ring size.

Delivery time is 4-10 weeks, depending on when we receive your ring size.

When you order a piece of jewellery with cremation ashes, we will contact you.