Earring pendant hearts

240,00 - 450,00

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2 5mm hearts that can be individually filled with breast milk, ashes and or a lock of hair.

You can have your jewel made in 14 carat yellow gold, 14 carat white gold or rhodium-plated Sterling silver.

If you check the breast milk option we will send you a package at home with which you can easily send about 10ml of breast milk to us. If you like to use 2 different milk samples you may let us know in the comments.

Do we already have your breast milk from a previous order and therefore no longer need to send you a milk shipping package? Then use the discount code "IKBENHIERWEERHE" at the top of your shopping cart during checkout. You'll get €25 off! Please indicate in the order note, if necessary, which name you placed the previous order under, so we can easily find your breast milk.  

The delivery period is 4-10 weeks.

When you order a piece of jewellery with cremation ashes, we will contact you.

Note: this is just the pendant, not the earring 

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